Lisa Wallace

Office: 7 Harned Hall
Phone: 6623257575

B.S. Biology, College of William and Mary
M.A. Biology, College of William and Mary
Ph.D. Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biol., The Ohio State University

Postdoctoral Research
University of South Dakota

Statement of Research Interests
Research in my lab combines the laboratory tools of molecular genetics with the conceptual tools of population genetics and phylogenetics to understand mechanisms of evolutionary divergence in plants. Current projects include systematics and population genetics of Platanthera orchids, ecology and biogeography of legume-rhizobia symbioses, and systematics and evolution of Acmispon.  I also serve as curator of the MSU herbarium.

Selected Publications

Nelson, G., P. Sweeney, L.E. Wallace, R.K. Rabeler, et al.  2015. Digitization workflows for flat sheets and packets of plants, algae, and fungi.  Applications in Plant Sciences 3(9): 1500065. 

Wheeler, G.L., H.E. Dorman, A. Buchanan, L. Challagundla, and L.E. Wallace.  2014.  A review of the prevalence, utility, and caveats of using chloroplast simple sequence repeats for studies of plant biology.  Applications in Plant Sciences 2(12): 1400059.

Adhikari, B. and L.E. Wallace. 2014.  Does the Platanthera dilatata (Orchidaceae) complex contain cryptic species or continuously variable populations?  Plant Systematics and Evolution 300: 1465-1476.

McGlaughlin, M.E., L.E. Wallace, G.L. Wheeler, G. Bresowar, L. Riley, N.R. Britten, and K. Helenurm.  2014.  Do the island biogeography predictions of MacArthur and Wilson hold when examining genetic diversity on the near mainland California Channel Islands?  Examples from endemic Acmsipon (Fabaceae).  Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 174: 289-304.

Wallace, L.E.,  T.M. Culley, S.G. Weller, A.K. Sakai, A. Kuenzi, T. Roy, W.L. Wagner, and M. Nepokroeff.  2011.  Asymmetrical gene flow in a hybrid zone of Hawaiian Schiedea (Caryophyllaceae) species with contrasting mating systems.  PLoS ONE 6(9): e24845