Lisa Wallace

Office: 7 Harned Hall
Phone: (662) 325-7575

B.S. Biology, College of William and Mary
M.A. Biology, College of William and Mary
Ph.D. Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biol., The Ohio State University

Postdoctoral Research
University of South Dakota

Statement of Research Interests
Research in my lab combines the laboratory tools of molecular genetics with the conceptual tools of population genetics and phylogenetics to understand mechanisms of evolutionary divergence in plants. Current projects include phylogeography, evolution, and conservation of endemic Lotus on the California Channel Islands and systematics and population genetics of Platanthera orchids.

Selected Publications

Wallace, L.E, T.M. Culley, S.G. Weller, A.K. Sakai, A. Kuenzi, T. Roy, W.L. Wagner, and M. Nepokroeff.  In press.  Asymmetrical gene flow in a hybrid zone of Hawaiian Schiedea (Caryophyllaceae) species with contrasting mating systems.  PLoS ONE.

Willyard, A., L.E. Wallace, W.L. Wagner, S.G. Weller, A.K. Sakai, and M. Nepokroeff. 2011.  Estimating the species tree for Hawaiian Schiedea (Caryophyllaceae) from multiple loci in the presence of reticulate evolution. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 60:2948.

Wallace, L.E. 2006. Spatial genetic structure and frequency of interspecific hybridization in Platanthera aquilonis and P. dilatata (Orchidaceae) occurring in sympatry. American Journal of Botany 93: 1001-1009.

Wallace, L.E. 2004. A comparison of genetic variation & structure in the allopolyploid Platanthera huronensis & its diploid progenitors, Platanthera aquilonis & Platanthera dilatata (Orchidaceae). Canadian Journal of Botany 82:244-252.

Holsinger, K.E. & L.E. Wallace. 2004. Bayesian approaches for the analysis of population genetic structure: an example from Platanthera leucophaea (Orchidaceae). Molecular Ecology 13:887-894.