Accomplishments for 2010

(2010-12-17) Dr. Karen Coats represented the American Society for Microbiology's regional branches at the ASM Council Policy Committee meeting in Washington, DC.

(2010-12-08) Dr. David Chevalier received one of the 2010-11 ORED mini-grants to form a multi-disciplinary research group with the goal of developing new collaborations in "Understanding Heat Stress and Foliar Bleaching Mechanisms" in plants.

(2010-12-07) Two Biological Sciences majors were 2010 inductees into the College of Arts & Sciences Society of Scholars. Deani Haggerty of Biloxi and Rachel Heintz of Oswego, Illinois were among the nineteen inductees for fall 2010.

(2010-09-17) Dr. Diana Outlaw is collaborating on international research aimed at understanding this widespread mosquito-borne disease, which is estimated by the World Health Organization to cause 250 million cases a year and nearly one million deaths. Part of their work was published in a July 2010 issue of Science under the title "A molecular clock for malaria parasites."

(2010-08-13) Emeritus Professor Dr. Lewis R. Brown was recently awarded a grant from Sandia National Laboratories for studies into reducing atmospheric methane emissions.